Is This the Life We Really Want?

Roger Waters

Progressive Rock

First release : 2017

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Discogs Dr. Loudness


  • Original digital release DR 7
  • 80
  • Vinyl edition DR 11

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Nigel Godrich

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I handed over the recording process to Nigel, and it was a way of proving myself, trying to know if I was going to be able to be quiet and let others take care of that. I found myself in the studio while he, Godrich, was working with the other musicians, and I was like, 'But why the **** is he doing that?' But most of the time - Huh? - I managed to keep my mouth shut, "he explains. The result is a guitar-free disc and a very compressed, Radiohead-style sound. Too much for Waters, who wants to "someday make a remix in which the vocals are heard more."

David Ferreira on 04 Jul 2020

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